Online shopping has definitely become the order of the day.  A lot can be purchased securely through the online platform and payments too, be made without any hesitation.  At Smart Fix Parts, we offer two payment options to our customers and assure them of the safest and most secure payment methods.  We assure our customers that all our transactions are absolutely easy, secure and most important of all fast.

Pay by Credit Card:  We accept payments that are made through major credit cards that include Visa, Master Card, JCB, Amex, Citi, DC etc.  When you pay through credit card, it is done immediately and one will also be notified of a successful payment transaction too.  Payment through credit card is considered to be a very popular and easy way in which one can pay for their purchase and settle the entire transaction. 

However, it is essential that the customer reads the entire payment description thoroughly before clicking on the ‘pay now’ or ‘make payment’ button.  Before you make use of the credit card payment option we urge you to be fully aware of the implications of using the card.  Beware of the unknown or hidden card charges that may be levied on the transactions you make on the online platform.

Pay by PayPal:  PayPal is one of the most trusted online payment gateways which is not only fast and secure but also free too.  This platform allows the customers to make payments with the help of PayPal Credit, PayPal Balance, PayPal cards, bank account and credit card as well as debit card.  One can however choose the most preferred payment method too.