About Smart Fix Parts

About Us

David Cagna- Managing Partner

David Cagna's role as Managing Partner for Smart Fix Parts places his primary focus on the company's overall financial and inventory management. In addition he is responsible for account acquisition and management in the Western United States. Along with Eytan, Dave is heavily involved in the day-to-day and long range planning of Smart Fix Parts.

Prior to joining the Smart Fix team in 2012, Dave served as a floor manager for seven years with Light Group, an industry leading nightlife and hospitality company based in Las Vegas. As a floor manager, Dave stressed company ethos through verbal coaching and demonstration. In an effort to separate the Light Group's venues from others, Cagna placed an unrelenting emphasis on attention to detail. This adherence to branding through detail is the first thing Dave brought to the Smart Fix Parts' quality control mission.

Having moved from New Jersey to Las Vegas in 2005, Cagna is a large proponent of the city's twenty-four hour a day work culture in a global economy. Dave holds his B.A. from Indiana University and is married to his beautiful wife, Lisa.

Eytan Klepach- Founder/COO

Responsible for the total day-to-day operations of Smart Fix Parts, Eytan sits as COO for the company. Eytan enjoys the responsibility of maintaining and establishing relationships with all of Smart Fix Parts' supply chain manufacturers. As the face of Smart Fix Parts, Eytan oversees all warehouse and showroom operations in addition to managing all Las Vegas and California accounts. As COO, Klepach establishes the course of all dialogue for which short and long term planning centers around.

As a co-founder of the Smart Fix label along with Mike Bozorgi, Klepach has been intimately involved in the Las Vegas cell phone market since 2010. Prior to establishing his own business, Eytan was the district manager of a Las Vegas based cell phone sales outlet.

A native of Moldova, Eytan is fluent in English, Russian and Hebrew. With a military background, Eytan is the organizer and planner that Smart Fix Parts relies so heavily upon. Klepch resides on Las Vegas' west side with his loyal dog, Tiger.

Mike Bozorgi- Founder/ Partner

Every company has a dreamer and Mike perfectly fits that roll within Smart Fix Parts. Bozorgi oversees and implements all web based advertising for Smart Fix Parts. He is responsible for how the world sees Smart Fix Parts through its digital footprint.

Along with Eytan, Mike is a co-founder of the Smart Fix label that launched in 2010. Before venturing out on his own, Bozorgi worked at Bally Americas, a luxury Swiss label, for three years.

Born in Tehran, Mike has lived and worked all over the globe. He is most proud of a coffee chain he helped launch in Dubai named Central Perk. Bozorgi's creative drive has consistently served him as one of his strongest assets. In addition to the Smart Fix Label, Mike is a co-founder of Toqio, a brand development and web advertising company.